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HubSpot onboarding

Selecting the right partner for your HubSpot onboarding

Implementing or integrating a CRM system like HubSpot is a significant investment that can transform your business operations. Choosing the right partner for this task is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and avoid costly mistakes. This guide aims to help you understand the critical factors in selecting a HubSpot partner.


Main aspects to consider before hiring a partner for your onboarding or integration


1. Industry Experience

Industry Experience

When selecting a HubSpot partner, industry experience is paramount. Partners with experience in your specific field can avoid common pitfalls and tailor the implementation to meet your unique needs. For example, construction companies require automation for deal creation and scheduling. Without this, you could end up spending thousands of hours manually creating records and following up, which could have been avoided with a partner familiar with the industry's demands.

Industries like real estate, technology, or finance each have their specific challenges and requirements. A HubSpot partner with experience in these industries will understand the regulatory requirements, data management needs, and operational workflows unique to each field. This specialized knowledge helps ensure the CRM is implemented effectively and efficiently.

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2. Scope of Work

Scope of work

When it comes to CRM implementations, choosing the right scope of work is crucial. There are two main types: strict scopes of work and objective-based scopes of work.


Strict Scopes of Work

Strict scopes of work detail every task and timeline in advance. This approach works best for projects with well-defined requirements and minimal expected changes, like implementing a workflow that has been previously designed. It provides clear expectations, budget control, and timely delivery, but it depends on a process that has previously been designed. If this piece is missing, the project might fail to deliver on time or within the budget.

Objective-Based Scopes of Work

Objective-based scopes focus on achieving specific business outcomes and offer a toolkit of activities to achieve that, not being limited to implementing them all but rather those that result being required. This approach allows for flexibility, adjustments, and is ideal for companies that don’t have a defined process, are incorporating into the CRM for the first time, and might have new ideas as they get to know HubSpot a little bit better. It offers the flexibility to adapt, a focus on outcomes, and enhanced collaboration.


3. Partner Recognitions and Awards

Partner Recognitions and Awards

When evaluating potential partners, recognitions and awards can serve as a reliable indicator of their capabilities, although they can be confusing sometimes. There are different types of recognitions, including accreditations, certifications, and partner tiers.


Understanding the Different Types of Recognitions

  • Partner Tiers: HubSpot categorizes its partners into tiers based on their performance, customer success, and overall expertise. An elite partner tier is highly desirable as it reflects the partner's proven track record and commitment to excellence. Triario is an Elite HubSpot partner.

  • Partner of the Year Awards: Being named Partner of the Year signifies that the partner is recognized for their outstanding achievements and performance inside the HubSpot ecosystem, including new customer acquisition and retention. Among the thousands of partners globally, this award is granted to one partner per year in each of the four regions defined by HubSpot. In 2024, Triario received the Partner of the Year award for the previous year's performance.

  • Accreditations: These are formal recognitions that HubSpot awards after inspecting specific projects and acknowledging top-notch practices. Some accreditations are Custom Integrations, Data Migration, CRM Implementation, and more. These badges are very time-consuming to obtain and, although a lot of people don’t know they exist, they are a great way to evaluate technical expertise among partners.

  • Certifications: These are light courses that people can take to demonstrate that the partner's team has undergone some training. However, obtaining them is easy and is not a quality or experience guarantee.

4. Integration Experience

Integration Experience

Integration experience is another critical factor. A partner with specific integration experience can seamlessly connect HubSpot with your existing systems, ensuring data flows smoothly across platforms. Equally important is the capability to offer ongoing support. Post-implementation maintenance and support are vital for the long-term success of your CRM system. A reliable partner will provide continuous support, helping you maximize the benefits of your investment.

For example, integrating HubSpot with your ERP or customer support systems requires a deep understanding of both platforms and their respective APIs. A partner experienced in such integrations can ensure data integrity, minimize disruptions, and provide a unified view of your customer interactions.

At Triario, we offer comprehensive integration and support services, including training, troubleshooting, and optimization, to ensure that your HubSpot implementation continues to deliver value over time.


5. Price and Cost of Failure

Price and Cost of Failure

HubSpot onboarding and integration prices vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. For example, basic implementations might be relatively affordable, but costs can increase significantly with integrations, multiple hubs, or other complex requirements. While there are partners for all types of budgets, it's crucial to consider the potential costs of choosing the wrong partner. These costs include the financial burden of changing CRMs, re-implementing the system, and the reputational damage that can occur if the project fails. Additionally, the decision-maker's job could be at risk if the project does not deliver the expected results.


Typical Pricing Considerations

  • Basic Implementations: These can range from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the size of your organization and the level of customization required.

  • Advanced Implementations: Projects involving multiple hubs, complex workflows, or extensive customization can range from $20,000 to $50,000 or more.

  • Integrations: Prices for integrating HubSpot with other systems can vary widely, from $10,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the integration.

  • Ongoing Support: Support services can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on the level of service and support required.

Choosing the wrong partner can lead to significant costs, including financial costs from re-implementing a CRM system, reputational costs from a failed CRM implementation, and personal risk for the decision-maker responsible for the project.

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Selecting the right partner for your HubSpot implementation or integration is a decision that requires careful consideration. Industry experience, the right scope of work, recognitions and awards, integration experience, and ongoing support are all critical factors. By taking these into account, you can ensure a successful implementation that meets your business needs and provides long-term value.

For more information about our services and to explore case studies that showcase our work across various industries, visit our website. Make an informed decision and choose the right partner for your HubSpot implementation to ensure a successful and impactful CRM integration.


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