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Habeas Data Authorization


I declare that I accept and authorize TRIARIO SAS, its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, controlled companies and the like, to store (on servers inside and outside the country equipped with all the respective security measures), to employ, use and verify the personal data that I have provided voluntarily. This authorization includes the use of personal data for statistical, commercial, informative, product monitoring, marketing, notification purposes, and to contact the customer for education-related purposes. It also includes personal data use for satisfaction, relationship marketing and/or similar campaign purposes, as well as offers of plans for the acquisition of services and products of TRIARIO SAS, respecting the due privacy and confidentiality established by the laws of the Republic of Colombia, especially the Laws 1266 of 2008 and 1581 of 2012, as well as their regulatory decrees and other rules that modify them. I certify that the information provided is clear, sufficient and truthful.

I accept the PRIVACY POLICY OF TRIARIO SAS, under which the handling of said company’s data is governed.

I accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the website


Date created: September 29, 2016

Date updated: September 29, 2016