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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

We understand the challenge that marketing teams face in proving ROI to their companies. We know how to drive business growth by generating more and higher-quality leads through a unique and personalized experience fueled by valuable and relevant content.

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Inbound Marketing Service

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Do you want to achieve resounding, indisputable results?

At Triario, we have designed an Inbound Marketing service that allows you to generate intelligent funnels to attract, convert, and nurture the leads that you hand over to your sales team. 

How do we do inbound marketing?

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Step 1

Great results depend on understanding and planning, so we take care of leaving a roadmap that will take your strategy to success.

Here you will receive:
  • Defined inbound strategy
  • Agreed objectives
  • Parameterized marketing too


We understand your business and generate a strategy just for your needs.


Digital research of competitors


Deep understanding of ideal customers, marketing and sales, and products or services.

  • Strategy
  • Business objectives
  • Lifecycle
  • Conversion path
  • Campaigns

Delivery and return of leads.


Technology is the highway where the execution of the strategy passes and is configured based on it.


Tool setup 

Native integrations

Technological roadmap

Organization y people

1. Organization: without alignment of areas, teams and defined processes, results are diluted

2. People: trained and involved people speed up the execution.

Tool handling

Implementation of strategy

Inbound Marketing

Exercises & Evaluation
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Step 2

Campaigns are the engine of our strategies and will allow you to achieve the goals set in phase 1.

What you will receive in this stage will depend on the type of campaign or campaigns selected and the amount of them.

Attraction Campaign

Creative campaign to generate reach and audience. It's perfect for brand or product launches. This type of campaign solves the absence of audience.

Here you will receive:
  • Traffic
  • Reach
  • Interaction with content

Conversion Campaign

Conversion Campaign
Campaign with optimized content for conversion. It seeks to generate traffic and leads. It works to increase the database or to focus on certain types of service/buyer persona. It's ideal for increasing the upper part of the funnel: generate brand subscribers and leads.

Here you will receive:
  • Traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Leads

Nutrition Campaign

Campaign of conversion and maturation of leads to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). It's ideal for more mature moments of the business, where there is already a captive audience and a digital process in place where the marketing and sales teams are aligned.

Here you will receive: 
  • Leads
  • MQLs.
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Step 3
Monitoring and optimization

Your strategy requires permanent activities that are transversal to the different campaigns being executed. That's why we will optimize not only the campaigns, but also the SEO and SEM of the strategy permanently.

Here you will receive:
  • Organic positioning
  • Result optimization
  • Support from an expert team

Organic positioning

SEO is a fundamental axis in our inbound strategies and that's why we keep a meticulous follow-up of the performance of our digital assets such as the website and blog, as well as the quality of the content we generate and its relevance to the buyer personas and search engines.

Result optimization

Our premise is always: What is not measured does not improve. 

We are obsessed with results, indicators and what is happening in your market, so we will constantly optimize campaigns, campaigns and the entire inbound strategy to get the most out of your investment and reach your goals as soon as possible.

Expert Team Support

Our team will never leave you alone. It's part of our DNA to teach, and what better way to do so than by answering our customers' questions, showing them new paths, and building together.

How to know if you need an inbound marketing strategy ?

Is this happening to you?

  • You took a step back and assessed your business and realized that you need to up your digital game, boost sales, and drive more leads from your website, attracting a wider audience to learn about the solutions you offer.
Sound familiar?

Is this happening to you?

  • Not only do you want to generate leads, but you also want to properly qualify them so your sales team can focus on prioritizing those who are ready to buy, rather than wasting time on unqualified contacts. All with the goal of growing your business more efficiently.
Sound familiar?

Is this happening to you?

Maybe, besides needing to generate and qualify leads…

  • You have a very diverse audience.
  • Your sales team can't spend all their time contacting every lead that comes in and you need a pre-filter to optimize resources.
  • You need custom integrations with other apps.
  • You have a complex digital ecosystem.
  • Your company has two or more strategic business units or different brands with different digital assets.

Sound familiar?

Check this out!


Sometimes timing just doesn't align, in music we would call it going off beat. And for inbound marketing it's best if we're all on the same rhythm. You're ready for an inbound marketing strategy if:

Has your company outsourced marketing efforts to other agencies?

  • You have a live website.
  • The purchase of your services is a consultative process and you think in the long-term outcome.
  • We can be co-players and someone from your team can lead the project alongside us.

Case Studies


Dive into our case studies and discover the impact we can create together.
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The best way to do marketing is to learn to communicate

Satisfy the user's desire for immediate attention

In this Masterclass, you must completely abandon the concept of qualified prospects. The new paradigm surpasses time barriers: it satisfies the user's desire for immediate attention, prevents the sales advisor from spending time contacting those prospects, and ensures that the marketing team's work is not lost in a time black hole.

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